Who and what is

Puget Sound Medical Billing

and Consulting?

¨ PSMB&C has over 20 years of experience in the medical billing and consulting field.

¨ PSMB&C has three offices in the Greater Puget Sound area allowing us to visit you at your place of business if you need special on-site assistance .

¨ PSMB&C has a dedicated IT department to provide network support.

¨ PSMB&C responds to patient  and practice inquiries within 12 hours.

¨ PSMB&C submits all computer claims to payers within 24 hours of receipt.

¨ PSMB&C posts all payments to the billing system within 24 hours report of payment.

¨ PMB&C bills their services at a percentage of your monthly receivables generated by us.

¨ PSMB&C is proud of their strict follow-up procedures in regards to pending and denied claims.

How can

Puget Sound Medical Billing

save my practice money &

allow more time for patient care?

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¨ No hassles and headaches associated with patient billing and inquiries.

¨ No money spent on wages, medical benefits for billing staff.

¨ No vacation, personal time or sick days to schedule around.

¨ No cost to the practice for computers, software, equipment and educational training.

¨ Reduce the turnaround time of getting insurance companies to pay on claims.

¨ Detect and address inaccurate codes that would normally be rejected by the insurance companies.

¨ Review your claims with ensured accuracy before submission and review returning statements to ensure proper payment has been made.